Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot Air � To battle the unimaginable

Hot Air � To battle the unimaginable

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  1. While I don't have an account there, I'm reading the thread where the woman wearing a wig to disguise her appearance (probably because she had been arrested on other felony counts for her political activism and didn't want to be recognized by security) rushed toward Paul and was subdued by Paul supporters.

    Your idiocy in believing that restraining her wasn't a reasonable reaction to the above situation is quite entertaining. I appreciate it.

    Some of the conservatives there, by defending the pressure applied to her head and shoulder by that man's foot, are defending an almost certainly illegal assault. But if someone were to rush toward you, with something in their hand, as you were a politician in a country where many politicians have been assassinated on the campaign trail, while wearing a disguise (or not) ... and I tackled them ... well, anyway, what's the use?

    You seem pretty dumb, fellow Libertarian.

    And your insistence that, "Intent has nothing to do with it. It all revolves on actual actions." and subsequent intent to cite statute is laughable. You know nothing about the law.

    The reason Bishop and others are laughing at you is you are ridiculously ignorant. But entertaining. Very, very entertaining.