Sunday, July 25, 2010

Runaway Slave Movie Teaser

Looking forward to this documentary to be released next year. C.L. Bryant has a way to capture a person's attention and hold it until you hear him out.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paying For A Tax Cut

Ever since Obama was campaigning in 2008 he had a habit of pointing to the Republican congress that had been out of power since the previous election cycle and states that they passed a massive tax cut without paying for it.

What exactly does it mean to "pay" for a "tax cut"?

Well, the very idea that he uses the terminology to "pay" for it shows that one of Obama's core beliefs is that the citizens work for the government instead of the government working for it's citizens.

That is the antithesis of what our founding fathers thought and should make everyone American shudder when thinking of the implications.

The way you "pay" for a tax cut is to DECREASE government spending. Every level of government in our nation is bloated and out of control. Nearly everyone agrees with this, but yet nothing is being done about it. We hear a lot of politicians providing lip service to the idea of cutting spending, but the political reality is there will always be someone who will be unhappy when their little piece of the pie gets cut from the budget.

Obama speaks of our citizens needing to "make sacrifices" for the good of the nation, but the sacrifices he envisions translates to you sacrificing more of your paycheck.

Everyone does need to sacrifice something to get this country back on the right path. And that sacrifice would be the superfluous government programs we waste so many billions upon billions of dollars on every single month.

It's time to remove the hypocrisy of "sacrifice" and "paying for tax cuts" which is code for increased government spending.

Time to put a stop to the career politicians and start over from scratch.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oil and Obama

This video is an excellent visual aid when discussing the incompetent manner the Obama administration handled the Deepwater Horizon accident.