Friday, April 30, 2010

Response to Deepwater Horizon by Obama and the Media

Where has the Obama Administration been while the oil spill in the gulf has wreaked environmental havoc on the Gulf of Mexico?

The Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20th, now 10 days later the fears of the oil spill hitting the coast of America have grown to panic state. On April 23rd the president met with Admiral Allen of the US Coast Guard and was briefed on the situation. During that time the National Response Team was stationed in New Orleans to begin work on search and rescue efforts and handle the impact of the oil spill.

Are the appropriate measures being taken to do all that can be done to avert disaster? One can't help but draw parallels to Hurricane Katrina. The difference being this disaster is man-made and could have an adverse impact that would take far longer to recover from than time to rebuild New Orleans.

One can't help but be puzzled how President George W. Bush was lambasted for not acting quickly enough to respond to Hurricane Katrina and there is no sign of discussion in any shape or form about the federal response to this disaster.

Passing of time will determine if Deepwater Horizon is Obama's Katrina. But more importantly is the reaction by the press. Will the mainstream media give the current administration a pass on federal response times to this disaster? How the media reacts to this event should tell the American people where their loyalties lie.

I believe this will turn into a "stop the drilling" mantra and the media will focus on energy policy in the future of American, rather than how this particular incident is handled by the current administration. The ecological and financial impact of this event will last for years, possibly decades.

Time will tell if the media becomes a shill for the Obama Administration.

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